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How to get in touch with Chinese tourists without opening a company in China.

The Chinese represent a strategic axis for the tourism development. They are much more inclined to travel abroad thanks to the increase of their purchasing power. The outbound tourism is growing rapidly, the segment increased approximately by 30% each year.

Then, it’s the right time for you to develop your activities in China and attract the Chinese tourists. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the tourism industry, there are some basic techniques you must follow if you want to succeed.

You can’t neglect your web presence

First it’s very important to boost your online visibility via a SEO campaign on the Chinese search engines. The first reflex of the Chinese when looking for holidays is to search information on Internet.

Thus, if you want to get leads, it is important that Chinese can find you on their own search engine. You must know that the Chinese use Baidu and not Google … It is imperative for you to communicate on Baidu as it has 60% of the market share. Baidu is now the leader in online search and to succeed we recommend you to collaborate with an agency specialized in this domain. You actually have to be able to propose them a good and qualitative content. Of course, this content needs to be translating in Chinese.

Here is an infographic that will help you to have a better understanding of the web environment in China.

Use the Chinese social medias

In order to develop your activities in the tourism industry, the best thing to do is to establish a digital marketing strategy.

The figures are there to confirm this tendency; China is the largest country in the world in terms of number of Internet users. So this is the best existing channel to directly reach your consumers. And there is no better ways to create close relationships with your consumers. Indeed, they spend 25 hours / week on the Internet, and 40% of this time is spent on social medias such as WeChat or Weibo.

However, Chinese social medias can look like a real jungle to the uninitiated. The best thing is to be surrounded by people with an excellent understanding of these social medias to help you to elaborate your strategy and see more clearly.

Then, never loose in mind that Internet is THE way to increase your brand awareness and reach the Chinese tourists. You should also look at the social medias specialized in the tourism industry such as Tuniu on which it would be good for you to be present.

Pay attention to your reputation

Branding is very important. The aim is to build a reliable brand image and become an enterprise in which the Chinese have confidence. Show them that you know perfectly the packages you offer them and the destinations you promote. You have to become an expert to their eyes. Maybe giving them some tips about touristic places is a good idea.  And actually, confidence is a very powerful trigger buying in China.

A bad online reputation can be terrible for your business. Make sure to check what is said about you on Internet.

Have a sale team in China.

The best way to be closer to your target is to have a sale team in China with people that will be able to work for your project from China. It’s crucial for the success of your project.

How to have a team in China without being physically present on China?

Be reassuring, to have a sale team in China you don’t need to open a business in China.

It’s a good new as the steps are quite long and complex. Thus, we advise you to opt for the Professional Employer Organisation service (PEO service) that will allow you to send your team to China. The PEO is a regulated practice that gives the authorization to INS Global Consulting company to represent your employees abroad when they have a mission. Thus INS will support all the administrative steps and procedures and your employees will be able to handle with confidence the development of your project.

The PEO service is a contract between three parties: the client company that wishes to develop abroad, the PEO company INS Global Consulting and the employee who’s going to work abroad.

Once these points are understood you’re on the right track and you have all the keys in hand to succeed. The Chinese market is complex but full of opportunities; so don’t be afraid to get started if you’re well surrounded.

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