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How to obtain a work visa in China

The procedure to obtain a foreign work permit in China

The procedure of obtaining a work visa for foreigners in China is not only difficult to understand, but also takes a long time but is also quite time consuming.

Indeed, foreign work permit applicants are divided into three categories while applying for a work visa – A, B and C – depending on their profile and points attributed from qualitative criteria. The applicant will be required to provide translated and certified documents such as their CV, qualifications, criminal background check and a photocopy of their passport to their employer. The employer will submit a work visa application,  in order to receive a notification from the Chinese authorities. When applying for the Z visa, the applicant will need to show the notification letter to the Chinese embassy located in their country of residence.

INS Global

Thanks to its experienced team, INS Global is able to offer you a reliable service that will help you avoid all the hassle of this procedure, by providing HR solutions in a timely manner when setting up your WFOE or using our Employment Solution in China.

By choosing our Employment Solution, the contractual relationship is outsourced to a third company, which will be acting as an umbrella company. In other words, your official employer will be linked with the umbrella company through a legal contract.  The umbrella company will have the responsibility of registering your employees through their payroll system in order to be able to sponsor them with a working visa in China.

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