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PEO in Qatar & Employer of Record

Hire Globally, Pay Locally, Expand Effortlessly

INS Global provides international PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and Employer of Record(EOR) services for companies that want to expand overseas and avoid the hassle and red tape this kind of transition usually involves.

Like an international EOR, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) provides companies with a way to simply and securely expand their operations overseas by outsourcing critical HR services to a third-party provider like INS Global. With a PEO in Qatar, companies can office compliance assurance to employees worldwide in less than 72 hours.

When businesses need support throughout the global expansion process, an Employer of Record (EOR) in Qatar offers cost-effective utility by taking care of employer responsibilities. Hire or transfer employees in markets worldwide in a fraction of the time of traditional methods with INS Global’s innovative employment outsourcing solution.

A PEO allows you to easily transfer or hire employees overseas without first setting up a legal presence in your target country.

Want to have a Team in Qatar TODAY?

Show me how to grow my business now!

We prefer to let others grow their business.

INS Global’s Qatar PEO will also handle your HR needs which will save you time and expenses.

Want to have a Team in Qatar TODAY?

Show me how to grow my business now!

We prefer to let others grow their business.

PEO in Qatar & Employer of Record - Summary

PEO in Qatar & Employer of Record

Five Advantages of Having a Global PEO Partner to Help During Expansion

Avoid Regulatory Errors

A PEO has legal experts with years of experience who will ensure that you adhere correctly to local laws and regulations.

Condensed Set Up Time and Costs

Traditional company incorporation can take up to a year; a PEO can have all your operations up and running in a new country in just a few days.

Decreased Management Hours for HR Functions

All aspects of HR services can be handled by a PEO so you can focus on growth.

Reduced Expenses

Pay a single monthly fee and save up to thousands of dollars per year in expansion overheads.

Minimize Company Structure to Increase Efficiency

With a single point of contact you can have all of your HR operations requirements met easily and securely

Why Choose a PEO Over Company Incorporation?

Setting up in a new country is a long and complex process where even the simplest mistakes can lead to costly penalties and fees. With a global PEO or EOR services provider as a partner, you’ll be able to establish your company quickly and smoothly.


  • Accelerates set up time
  • Requires minimal management
  • Lowers overhead costs
  • Ensures total legal compliance

PEO/EOR vs Company Incorporation

The Advantage in Figures

PEO/EOR Company Incorporation
80% Less Expensive
Market Entry
2-5 Days
6 Months
Employee Turnover
Decrease by 14%
98% of the Current PEO Clients
Administrative Fees
Saves an Average of $450
Costly Payroll and Compliance Fines
Help Avoid
Company Growth Rate
7 - 9%
Closed During Pandemic
Employer of record Qatar


Manuel Ramos


Managing Director

We think INS Global is a good solution about starting business in new and complex markets. Understanding the market doesn’t mean you need to set up a company immediately.


The Steps Required: INS Global's PEO in Qatar

  1. We discuss your needs with you and create a custom-made plan to suit you.
  2. Our PEO provides the required legal structure through which you can bring your employees into Qatar.
  3. We take care of hiring and the provision of HR services for your employees.
  4. You and your staff continue operations on schedule so you can progress easily towards your global expansion goals.

What's the Difference Between a PEO and an EOR in Qatar?

These two services are often mentioned together, but they are not exactly the same. It’s essential to understand their functions and how they relate to you before choosing which one best meets your expectations.

  • A PEO is a third-party company that offers HR services to employees of other companies.
  • An EOR provides this as well while also legally hiring and being responsible for the employees of other companies.
  • In a PEO agreement, the contract is made between the PEO provider and the client company.
  • In an EOR agreement, the contract is directed by the client company but officially remains between the provider and the employee.

Whichever one suits your company’s needs better, INS Global is there for you. We offer both PEO and global EOR services in Qatar so that you can have the best services for all of your requirements.

Labor Law in Qatar - 2024

Employment Contracts in Qatar

Written employment contracts are required in Qatar and should specify all details of employment, benefits, and compensation. The contract language should be Arabic, and all salary amounts should be in the local currency of Qatari riyal.

Probation periods cannot go beyond six months.

Work Hours and Overtime in Qatar

The maximum number of work hours per week is 48. Any hours over this are counted as overtime and must be compensated at 25% above the average wage.

Only two hours of overtime are allowed each day. During Ramadan, the weekly work hours are reduced to 36 hours, or 6 hours daily.

Holidays and Annual Leave

There are 10 days of national holiday in Qatar. Employees who have to work on those days are qualified for 250% of their salary and an extra day off.

Any employee who has worked a minimum of one year with their employer is entitled to 3 weeks of paid leave. This amount increases to 4 weeks for those who have worked for more than five years. The employer is required to pay the employee before they take their leave.

Sick Leave in Qatar

Employees who have worked for three months are entitled to two weeks of sick leave at 100% of their salary provided they have a medical certificate. They can also receive an additional four weeks of sick leave at 50% of their salary.

Maternity and Paternity Leave in Qatar

Expectant mothers who have worked for a year may receive 50 days of paid maternity leave. They may take 15 days before birth and 35 days afterward. There is no required paid paternity leave.

Tax Law and Social Security Contributions in Qatar

PEO in Qatar & Employer of Record


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No, it is necessary to use a local entity abroad to comply with each country labor law.

Foreign companies can either set up a local entity in each country or use the services a local PEO (Professional Employment Organization) to hire the staff on-site directly.

The employer of record is the legal entity liable for the staff employed in a specific country. In practice, a foreign company can either open a subsidiary to become the employer of record of its abroad employees or use a PEO to act as the employer of record.

Liabilities may vary from country to country and include all the staff management responsibilities: labor contract issues, payroll management, and tax compliance, social security management, expenses claim declaration, hiring and termination
procedures, etc.

In general, 1-month is necessary to have an employee based out abroad using an existing PEO as the employe of record. When incorporating a new subsidiary to be the employer of record, the delay varies from 4-12 months.

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