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Hong Kong PEO & Employer Of Record

It’s a common misconception that you need to establish a foreign entity to expand and operate in another country. Our PEO solution allows your company to enter and hire in Hong Kong without setting up a foreign entity straight away. It’s the perfect solution if you’re thinking of taking your first steps into the Hong Kong market.

Below, learn more about a PEO and employer of record in Hong Kong; find out how they can help you open your new Hong Kong office; and understand why Hong Kong is an attractive business environment for those thinking of expanding into the Asia market.


What Is a Hong Kong PEO and Employer of Record? 


The Hong Kong PEO and employer of record provide a range of services that benefit clients, including:

  • Employee recruitment and hiring
  • Employee payroll
  • Obtaining business permits and employee visas
  • Resolving any issues that arise when working with local governments
  • Acting as an intermediary between the host country and the business


Why Start your Business in Hong Kong


Renowned as an easy place to do business in Asia, Hong Kong’s business-friendly regulatory environment puts it among the top places to do business in Asia. Strategic location, attractive tax regime and effective legal system are among the many reasons why western businesses choose the Special Administrative Region as their next market to enter. Expand to Hong Kong and take your staff with you. Our PEO solution will help your business reach new heights.


Advantages of using a PEO in Hong Kong


A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) comes in handy for business entities who chose not to directly recruit workers on assignment, in a different state or another country. INS Global can help you:

  • To hire employees in record time,
  • To focus on driving your company’s growth in a new market,
  • To be compliant with Hong Kong employment and tax system in HK,
  • To reduce time spent processing HR and administrative tasks,
  • To streamline your global expansion.


Key Points to Consider


Given how critical a PEO is to setting up your Hong Kong venture successfully and in compliance with local laws, you should choose your PEO in Hong Kong carefully. The right PEO should be:

  • Focused on the region – Many entities offer EOR Hong Kong services. Some focus globally while others operate more in a regional capacity. Depending on your plans for expansion, it may make sense to work with a PEO that is focused on the region, so you can streamline your expansion with a trusted partner.
  • Familiar with local laws – Your business will get in trouble if labor laws are not complied with. In order to avoid financial penalties or loss of a business license within Hong Kong, you must choose a PEO entity that has demonstrated familiarity with the region and its laws.
  • Helping you save – PEO organizations tend to work with multiple clients at one time, which has benefits for your business. A large PEO can obtain better pricing on services, so it can pass the savings on to its clients.


Why use INS Global as your PEO in Hong Kong?


  • Full employment – Your employee is legally employed by INS Global in Hong Kong exclusively on your behalf.
  • Compliance – Your employee’s salary is processed through our payroll in Hong Kong with tax deducted and paid to the relevant authorities.
  • Peace of mind – We remain up to date with the latest changes to employment and tax law in Hong Kong so you don’t have to.
  • Ongoing support – We offer visa application support for your foreign employee as well as accompanying them through the onboarding process.
  • Streamlined and transparent approach – We invoice you every month for our services including your employee’s wage, benefits and expense reimbursement.

Whether you are ready for your next stage of expansion or simply want to conduct some market research, our team have the expertise in over 60 countries across the world, to help make your expansion goals a reality. Use our PEO solution as an efficient, low risk way to enter the Hong Kong market today. Check out our recruitment and invoicing services in Hong Kong as well.

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